Photography by Leah
Lifestyle documentary photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Specializing in families, couples, and branding.

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Gnomes in the Forest | Vancouver Family Photographer

I love where I live. I know I've said that plenty of times before but really... I LOVE where I live <3  I am lucky to live in a city where I can walk out my front door turn north and walk mere blocks to the ocean shore or south to walk mere blocks to this gorgeous rain forest.

Recently my little guy was invited to a wonderful birthday party for one of his little friends at Pacific Spirit Park with a perfect theme - it was a gnome party!  The birthday celebrant's parents came with gnome hats for all the kids to wear.  It was one of the cutest sights I've seen seeing all these kids running around with these wonderful gnome hats!

The weather front held long enough for all the kids and parents to enjoy ourselves.  It wasn't too long after we left the party that the wet weather slowly came creeping in.  Perfect timing and what a great party!  Who needs Chuck-E-Cheese when you have this natural, beautiful playground for free!