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Júbilo Family | Vancouver Couple Photographer


My husband was kind enough to suggest that I ride my bike to my sessions this Saturday morning the night before. I agreed, begrudgingly. For some reason, riding my bike seemed more of a chore than an enjoyment. The idea of getting to a destination where I will be hot and sweaty from all the effort I put in to get there was not a pleasant thought.  However I thought, why not give it a try... you never know.  Luckily it turned out to be a gorgeous day for a bike ride. I don't live too far away, a 25 minute bike ride, mostly downhill to Granville Island.  Most of the ride was along the water so I had a chance to take stops along the way to take photos with my iPhone of the beautiful scenery I rode by.  I arrived at Granville Island hot and sweaty but surprisingly happy!  I was so proud I did it that I admit I even took a screenshot of my route captured by my FitBit and sent it to my husband just so I could get the "nice!" text reply from him :)  

I met up with Sheila + Melo not too long after grabbing a quick bite and cooling down from the ride.  Their daughter, Malia, tagged along looking for Pokemon along the way ☺️. It was so great to have Malia there just so I could grab shots like the one below.

I was very excited to meet up with Sheila + Melo.  I first met Melo during my last year of high school and got to know him more while I was attending my first year at Langara College.  We lost touch as our lives went separate ways as many college friends do but not before briefly meeting Sheila as Melo's "new girlfriend".  I still have a black and white photo I took that has both Sheila and Melo on Kits Beach that summer when I first met her back in 1993 (wow!) somewhere.  Unfortunately the location of that photo is unknown at the time of this post so I'll have to find that gem again soon!

Years later we would run into each other when I photographed Kababayang Pilipino's rehearsals and performances the last few years.  Malia joined the Filipino dance organization not too long ago so I was really excited when Sheila reached me about the session after I did a general call for models.  It's always great to be able to spend some time with old friends!

We met up at Granville Island Hotel and walked through the island towards the market. It was early morning and the market was just opening.  It was nice to have some open space near the water and in the market aisles and walkways before they became filled with other people.

It was a bright sunny day. There was definitely a lot of bright direct light shining on them but I really love how the photos turned out. It's been fun being able to play with different lighting situations as I rebuild my portfolio and being happy with the end result each time <3.  This session was really no exception.  Below are some highlights from our session.

Sheila + Melo - A huge "thank you" to all of you for hanging out with me!  It was wonderful catching up and seeing you guys again!  Congratulations on your beautiful family!  You look pretty much the same as I left you guys those many years ago.  It was so much fun!

Malia - Thanks for hanging out with us too!  It was so great to see you again :)  I hope you had fun at Playland that day!

Enjoy the pictures and video! ☺️

A couple mini documentary session on Granville Island

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