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Lifestyle documentary photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Specializing in families, couples, and branding.

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Walker Hayward Family | Vancouver Family Photographer


REFLECTION.  When reflecting about how I've grown as a photographer, I remember all the clients I get to know on a very personal level. It's a great sign that my clients are comfortable to be who they are around me.  I find a successful session is one where the end result is something that really represents who the families or couples are... being their true selves, authentic selves.  

Another thing that has been great is also maintaining those relationships throughout the years and documenting their lives as they grow in their relationships and in their families.

WALKER HAYWARD CLAN.  Steve + Tiffany's family have been a part of my life as a photographer from the very beginning 4 years ago.  Tiffany and I had been friends some years ago but reconnected when I approached her to help me out with a photography school project.  I was working on taking lifestyle photos as part of my school portfolio and wanted to add a few maternity sessions.  Luckily I knew of few friends who were expecting at the time, one of which was Tiffany.

It has been wonderful documenting their growing family.  Since that first session I have been fortunate to capture family photos as they went through their 2nd pregnancy with little Emma, eager to be the great big sister that she is, and as well as after the birth of little Audrey.

When it was time to rebuild my portfolio to reflect my current style, I just had to approach Steve + Tiffany.  I was so thrilled when they agreed.

Their idea of a bike ride and some childsplay for me to capture was beyond perfect.  It was a day of back to back sessions and I decided to bike to my sessions that morning.  I had just finished a session on Granville Island so the adventure back to Vanier Park to meet up with them was no problem.  The weather was a beautiful sunny day, not the best for the photographer, but it worked perfectly for the session.  The little ladies were amazing!  I think Miss Emma was used to my old style of photography as every time I pointed the camera her way, she stood there with a big smile on her face.  It was so cute!

BIKE RIDING. I admit I did some Googling and searches through Pinterest to get an idea of how to capture the bike ride.  I wasn't sure how long we would bike ride and wasn't sure what I would be capable of.  Initially I was going to just bring my bike with me in my van but it was husband who highly recommended riding from home.  It wasn't bad as I thought it would be and was actually only a 25 minute ride, mostly downhill.  The bike riding section also worked out better than I anticipated.  I was able to ride ahead of the group, park my bike to the side, as I waited for them to ride by me.  It worked out perfectly and I even got some great shots out of it!

Eventually the girls forgot about my camera and the family got the chance to really enjoy each other while I captured it all.  I was a bit worried with the time as we had started off late, unaware of the road closures that would cause the delay.  Despite the short amount of time, the family had the opportunity not only bike ride their way to a spot on the grass but was even able to throw in some kite flying and a little picnic!  It's amazing how many things you can squeeze in... as long as the kids are willing, of course!

Thank you Steve, Tiffany, + the girls for being part of this amazing morning!  Thank you for your continuous support!  Love you guys! <3

Below are a few highlights from our day as well as the a little montage of stills and video.   Be sure to show them some love by liking the post or commenting below. I hope you enjoy them!