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Spong Eckert Family | Vancouver Family Photographer


A MOMENT IN TIME. I find since having children of my own, they have become this measurement of time, seeing them grow up and realizing how quickly time is passing by. I have both a son who is turning 5 years old in January and a daughter who is turning 20 years old in December so I definitely understand how fast time is moving, especially thinking back when my daughter was the same age as my son.  It does make me a little weepy.

This is why I love what I do.  I have the ability to capture these beautiful moments as they happen so that these memories can be cherished by the families or couple for as long as they have the pictures and/or videos.  It's also why I take so many photos of my own family because I know that when I look back to these photos in the future, I will smile and remember these times and even share them with family members down the road so that we can reminisce about those times.

SPONG ECKERT FAMILY. My husband and I first met Ryan + Chloe when I was expecting my second child.  I felt like the veteran, seeing that I was the only one in the group of about 10 women who has had a child and, quite surprising to some, a teenager at that.  Once a week we would gather at a local yoga studio to meet up with a doula who would talk about birthing process and coping techniques.  Eventually we got into a ritual where the moms-to-be would meet up for pies and hot drinks at an eatery nearby while the men met up  at the nearby pub and drink up their pitchers of beer.  I was never surprised that it was normally the men who ran behind when heading to class.  LOL.  After the workshop ended, couples began having their babies and with the busy family lives now under way many of us lost touch but thankfully Facebook kept some of us connected.

Nearly five years later I was happy that Chloe reached out when I did my call out for models for my portfolio building sessions.  It was fantastic to have the opportunity to catch up and to see how life is now. 

It was a hot summer Vancouver day, which this year, seems few and far between.  I met up with the family in the early evening hours at the their beautiful home.  It was a fantastic evening as I captured moments in their home and around their neighbourhood.

Thank you so much Chloe + Ryan for sharing your family moments with me.  Here are a few highlights and their special slideshow that I created for you to share.

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