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Lifestyle documentary photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Specializing in families, couples, and branding.

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Aragon Family | Vancouver Family Photographer


LEARNING IS GROWING. Let's be honest. I have loved photography since I was little but only have been taking photography seriously by educating myself on my camera and the art for the past 4 years part-time while working full-time as a university administrator. I am very thankful for the support from my family as I took on this new endeavour.  I wouldn't have been able to do all this without them and eventually taking the leap into a professional career which is now only few years old and loving every moment of it!  

Photography is my happiness but I tend to overthink when I am on the job, still feeling like I don't have enough experience to really know what I am doing. I still worry sometimes "oh... I hope this turns out ok" or do I look like I know what I'm doing. Nerves. I am comforted by the fact that, after getting to meet some photographers I admire through social media, it still happens even to the best of the best ☺️ and they are still able to produce beautiful work. 

With that, I am grateful for the time I now have to return to what I love - photography - and to practice more to perfect my style and become more confident so those moments of doubts are lessened. Plus it feels good to be BACK 🎉💃🏻📷🤗

One of my sessions was on the holiday Monday in the month of August and I was waiting for my first family to come meet me for their hour with me in Vancouver's beautiful Stanley Park.

When this family first approached me for this mini session at first I was super excited with the challenge.  What was the challenge?  This was a family of nine, yes 9!  Two parents and 7 children... the youngest being only 10 months old and the oldest being 11 years old. First of all, mom looks awesome! Second, they look pretty well rested for a family of 9. I still struggle to get up every morning and I only have one child at home to worry about.

What you learn about this family through our session is the amount of support and love they have for one another and how it comes so naturally! The parents not only led their children from location to location in the park with such calmness but their children also helped each other out without being told to - a hug from an older sibling , an awesome under-duck on a swing, a boost up to the monkey bars, passing a jacket to a younger sibling because she was cold - it was very endearing to watch. 

I have known Peter and Joy for a few decades now; before the kids and the real adult responsibilities and I am sure what I described above seems the picture perfect family.  These two people have worked hard to create the beautiful and unconditional loving family that they have and it is so awe inspiring!

Congratulations on your beautiful family! Keep doing what your doing! It's an inspiration to us all 😍💗 

A family mini documentary session in Stanley Park.