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Lifestyle documentary photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Specializing in families, couples, and branding.

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Happy New Year! Looking forward to 2017!

2016 was a year that many people want to forget it seems.  A circus of one crazy US election to the loss of (too) many influential people who have taught the world so much, 2016 is a year that many people are ready to put behind them.

For me, 2016 was a year of many adventures and changes.

  1. Happy 40th to my rock, my #1 supporter, my husband.  I had the crazy idea to plan a surprise for our annual trip to Hawaii.  This time I convinced his close friends to join us!  As forty-somethings partying it up consisted mainly of frolicking in the surf & sand and heading out on adventures around the island.  The experience of planning such an event was definitely stressful.  Keeping things from my husband has never EVER been my forte.  I'm so happy it worked out the way it did!
  2. Work-Home balance WINS!  Recently I decided to change jobs at a fantastic post-secondary institute close to home.  From a position that had me working day and night/at home/on vacation to a job where I can leave work behind to focus on family and photography.  It's been a dream the last 6 months! The time I have to spend with family, friends, and photography have been AMAZING! I have even slowly worked on rebuilding my photography business doing portfolio building sessions as well as starting off this new year with taking a refresher business course this month.
  3. Clickin Moms. When thinking of highlights of 2016 I can't help but think about how the community of Clickin Moms has helped me feel so creatively motivated this past 6 months.  I encourage mothers who are looking into doing photography and want to join an online community for encouragement, support, or knowledge to check out their website here.
  4. MORE & MORE photography! YAY! As I mentioned earlier, I have a great job that allows me to spend actual family quality time and more time to work on my art of photography.  With more time for myself, I have actually signed up with Clickin School (an affiliated company of Clickin Moms) to learn refresh my knowledge about the business side as well as learn about pricing based on the value of my work.  Apparently I don't charge enough... WHO KNEW?
  5. Using photography for good. 2016 brought to me other opportunities to volunteer my photography time.  Through a wonderful photographer, Felicia Chang of Felicia Chang Photography, I signed up to volunteer my photography skills to two great organizations and I am looking forward to working with them in the new year.  Click on their links below for more information about what they do and how to donate:  

I want to thank all my clients and photography supporters who have been with me during this journey.  I am so thankful for all of you!  I can't wait to continue into 2017. 

In 2017 I will see my daughter moving back home from (too far away) Montreal, my first trip to Israel, and my youngest starting kindergarten in the Fall.  I also want to achieve goals like spending more time with the family and planning more weekend getaways, learning more technical skills of photography and using accessories like Lens Baby, work on my writing skills, and (the usual) being more healthy by really focusing on what I do and eat. 

Here's to more time with family & friends, more beautiful photographs, more great healthy foods, more killer barre classes, more loud laughs, and more grand adventures.