Saul Good Gift Co. with Thomas Haas - North Vancouver BC


Chocolate is my weakness.  Love chocolate.  I have to swear off it to keep my waistline but love a great piece of creamy milk chocolate.  So when I was asked to capture some photos of chocolates being made by Saul Gift Co., a local company who specializes in fantastic gift packages that highlights local artisans, I couldn't pass that up!


It was a typical rainy Vancouver day when I arrived to the location of Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie in North Vancouver.  Before we started we had the great pleasure of being served coffee and pastries by Mr. Thomas Haas himself.  It was such an honour to be around the man who created some of my favourite treats like the Cocoa Nib Crunch or the Dark Bark.  It was so wonderful being able to see behind the scenes of the well-renowned chocolatier.  He shared his story with the people of Saul Good Gift Co. so be sure to check our their blog for this terrific write up and other photos I took from that day.


Big thanks goes to the people of Thomas Haas Fine Chocolates & Patisserie and Saul Good Gift Co. for having me take part in this wonderful (and tasty!) collaboration.

Be sure to visit their websites for more information:

Meet the Artisan | Thomas Haas (Saul Good Gift Co. blog post)

Saul Good Gift Co. (main website)

Thomas Haas (main website)


So next time you need to find ideas for a gift, you don't need to look any further... support local artisans and visit Saul Good Gift Co. today!  You can even mention that I sent you!