Photography by Leah
Lifestyle documentary photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Specializing in families, couples, and branding.

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A Day in my Life | Vancouver Family Lifestyle Documentary Photographer


If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.
— Winnie the Pooh

My family has always been my inspiration for my photography.  I love capturing moments that happen as they happen.  I love it when they see my camera and they make the goofiest faces.  I love documenting my family just so these moments like these are frozen in the images to look at day, week, and years from now.


For Christmas my husband was so thoughtful to purchase a mirrorless camera as he has been hearing me complain about how much I love taking pictures but my Canon DSLR is just to heavy to carry around the whole day.  The Sigma ART 35mm was also added to the weight. The FujiFilm XT-1 camera my husband got for me has changed my photography for the better.  The vintage feel of the knobs makes me shoot with more intention - looking for my moments then setting my camera to the settings to capture it.  My Canon DSLR is a little different where my settings can be quickly adjusted with a mere turn of a dial at my fingertips and so I have the ability to adjust quickly for the moments I am capturing, the opposite of how I use my FujiFilm.

My day in the life.

Here we are out for the day.  We headed out to one of our favourite West End restaurant to have a lovely and funny lunch before moving a few more things from the house to my daughter's new pad. I love that I am taking more pictures of my family and look forward to printing these out or including them in my annual photo albums and calendars.

All photos taken with my FujiFilm XT-1 with a 23mm 2.0 lens.

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