Frequently Asked Questions


Thank you for visiting my website.  Here is a series of frequently asked questions I've received over the years.  If you have questions that are not covered here, I would be happy to help out!


Q: What am I expected to spend for the session?

All sessions are subject to a a partial payment of your session fee to hold your booking date and for email consulting in preparation for your session.  The remaining balance of your session will be due the day before your session.  Please refer to my pricing page for more information.



Q: We are hoping for some posed shots?  Can you accommodate that?

Of course! A majority of the session will be me documenting your day as it happens however if you want some posed portraits we can certainly do that!  This will be a completely guided section of your session then continue on with your day without worry about the camera any longer.


Q: What is your cancellation policy?

Your partial payment of your session fee is non-refundable.  It is used to guarantee the date for your session.  I would be happy to re-book your session at no charge :)


Q: A family emergency came up! Can I re-book?

As a mother, I can completely understand those unexpected family emergencies.  Your retainer can be moved to another date without penalty due to your family emergency.  The retainer fee will become non-refundable if the new session date is cancelled. Rescheduling will be permitted up to two times.


Q: What is involved in the email consulting?

Upon contact, we will exchange emails to determine the date, time, and location(s). Throughout our communication you will receive information about our upcoming session.

Q: You use natural light. What happens if it starts to get dark outside? Will you start using a flash?

If it starts getting dark outside, I will still use the available light whether it's a chandelier or a desk lamp.  True documentary photos is documenting events as they happen in whatever environment they are in. 


Q: What equipment do you use?

It is just me, my Canon camera, and usually my single lens.  I use only the light available.  I am a big fan of natural light so big windows or spending time outdoors in the daylight is what I like to use best.  I never use a flash.

Q: How long can I expect to wait for my photos/slideshow/products?

I will do a same day sneak peek with a few highlights from the session.  Delivery of photos is between 3-4 weeks.  Feel free to contact me with any questions during this time. 


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