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Meet Leah.


Meet leah


A mama of two living in the beautiful west side of Vancouver, British Columbia Canada.

I have always loved photography.  Since I was little, I loved studying the photos in the National Geographic magazines in the doctor's office.  It wasn't until the first time I used a digital camera that I wanted to really learn how to get off the AUTO setting and explore more of what I can do with a DSLR.



Love this city I live in.  The mountains.  The ocean.  The rainforest.  The Westcoast captures everything that I love.

Photography was always something I admired as I connected with other photographers throughout my life.  I have always loved capturing moments in every day people.   Along with how I've carved my skill of how I use my camera, the photojournalism style was my visual voice.  I take pride in each photo as I artfully capture these connections knowing my clients will treasure these always.

 Thank you to Kayla Beiler Photography for this photo (

Thank you to Kayla Beiler Photography for this photo (


my style

Sessions can be more directed lifestyle or documentary.  Short sessions are best as directed lifestyle to ensure the most possible moments are captured in a short period of time.  We can decide during our email consult.

I shoot with my Canon camera alone.  No flash.  No fancy light setups.  JUST ME AND MY CAMERA.  I work only with natural and ambient light.  It's the best way to capture REAL LIFE AS IT HAPPENS.


will travel.

Would love to join you on your adventures in various countries around the world!  Free session fee for destination sessions outside Canada.

*Travel fees may apply

My photojournalism style session are done in a couple ways:


HALF/FULL DAY SESSIONS: These sessions are great for (but not limited to) when you have a special outing to go on, a new baby brought home, or a day trip away from the city.  This is mostly documentary and I avoid interfering with the activities or interacting too much with the subjects.  Requests for posed photos can be done at the time of one of our email consultations.


GLIMPSE/MINI SESSIONS: These sessions are shorter for those who don't have time for a full or half day. These sessions are guided and are great if more posed photos than documentary photos are requested.