I shoot with my Canon camera alone.  No flash.  No fancy light setups.  JUST ME AND MY CAMERA.  I work only with natural and ambient light.  It's the best way to capture REAL LIFE AS IT HAPPENS.

My photojournalism style session are done in a couple ways:

HALF/FULL DAY SESSIONS: These sessions are great for (but not limited to) when you have a special outing to go on, a new baby brought home, or a day trip away from the city.  This is mostly documentary and I avoid interfering with the activities or interacting too much with the subjects.  Requests for posed photos can be done at the time of consultation.

GLIMPSE/MINI SESSIONS: These sessions are shorter for those who don't have time for a full or half day. These sessions are guided and are great if more posed photos than documentary photos are requested.