Thank you for visiting my website.  I'd like to introduce myself - my name is Leah Villalobos.  I own and operate Photography by Leah.  I am a documentary lifestyle photographer based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  I shoot all kinds of things but my passion is to photograph every day families capturing the love and other emotions in photos so that they can be cherished for a lifetime.



I love capturing the NATURALLY intimate moments.   These moments are meaningful and when captured perfectly in a photo they pull on those same emotions from whomever is looking at that image.  When I have accomplished that, it's a WIN :)


Sessions are tailored PERSONALLY for you.  Consultations are done mainly via emails to discuss locations and activities for our time together.  It is important to me that you are comfortable with what will happen with the session so that we can bring out the AUTHENTIC you.We have a good plan of action by the time our session day arrives.


Each photo I deliver is meant to be cherished as heirlooms.  For me, each image I take is a mini time capsule capturing that moment.  Details are remembered again even after it was thought to be forgotten making each image TIMELESS.

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