Photography by Leah
Lifestyle documentary photographer from Vancouver, British Columbia. Specializing in families, couples, and branding.

what to expect for our session


Honey, I'm home!

For family sessions with children, I try to aim to arrive about 10 minutes prior to my session.  I ask parents to try to great me like an old friend and to introduce me as "This is our friend Leah (pronounced "lay-yah", yes, like Princess Leia from Star Wars).  She's here to take some photos of us.".  I'll introduce myself to the kids.  We will hang out and I won't take my camera out right away.  The camera can be a little scary for some children coming from a stranger who has just entered their home.  I like to have the children see I'm ok first :)

For couple sessions, I arrive and the couple can take me around their home/location.  

For both sessions, before I take my camera out we can tour the location.  I will indicate areas that would have the best lighting or what mood we might be able to capture.